Museums in Pondicherry

The Pondicherry Museum

On the ground floor, the major attraction is the central space with 3 curious transport mechanisms-a coach, a palanquin (sedan chair) and a pousse-pousse which required two attendants, one to steer and one to push.

The bronze gallery displays the images of gods and goddesses together with a wide collection of temple lamps; used across different dynasties down centuries.

Pre-Christian relics which we see here, such as remnants of Greek and Roman amphora jars, pieces from the Tsung periods in China and beads made from glass and precious stones were dug out from the Arikamedu site, just south of Pondicherry.

Bharati and Bharatidasan Memorial Museums

The former is in 20 Eswaran Koil Street where the famous Tamil poet-patriot lived after arriving in 1908 in search of refuge. The latter is in 95, Perumal Koil Street, the home of Kanakasubhuratnam who adopted the name meaning disciple of Bharati which was become the second place of literary pilgrimage.

Jawahar Toy Museum

Jawahar Toy Museum, Goubert Salai, has a small collection of costume dolls (dancers, professions) from different states; a 15 minutes diversion.

Romain Rolland Library

The library established in 1872, has a rich collection of 300,000 volumes, including rare editions in both French and English. The reference section on the first floor is open to the public. The library has a mobile section that takes 8,000 books to the nearby villages for the interests of the people.

Anglo-French Textile Mills

Visiting the century old Anglo-French Textile mills in Pondicherry is not only educative but also of tourism importance. The mill gives 10% rebate to the tourists who go on guided tours/buses on the purchases made. The world claimed fabrics and products of the mill will not only be a memento of Pondicherry but also can be used as gifts besides being products of utilitarian/aesthetic value in the houses.

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